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Profesionalus hostingas

Your website, online shop or portal will work as you expect it to. Leave it to professionals.

The professional hosting service includes:
- a dedicated server which is used only for your website or e-mail alone
- backups and installation of software updates
- optimisation of website loading speed
- 24/7 service monitoring

We ensure that that the growing number of visitors of your website will have no impact on the website's speed, it will be opened as quickly as possible despite the high traffic.

Service plans and rates:

Plan Name PRO1 PRO2 PRO3 PRO4
Server parameters
Intel Xeon CPU cores 1 2 4 8
Network bandwidth 10 Mbps 20 Mbps 30 Mbps 40 Mbps
Storage space 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB 400 GB
RAM memory 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB
Separate IP addresses 1 2 3 4
MySQL, PostegreSQL databases Yes Yes Yes Yes
Apache Tomcat support No Yes Yes Yes
Backups are generated every 24 hours 24 hours 12 hours 6 hours
Backups are stored for 7 days 31 days 31 days 31 days
Free restores from backups 1 2 3 4
Help and consultations
24/7 server monitoring and response Yes Yes Yes Yes
Server statistics and reports No Yes Yes Yes
Consultations during working hours Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated technical employee 24/7 No No Yes Yes
System administration
Server preparation and installation of standard services Yes Yes Yes Yes
Website and e-mail migration No Yes Yes Yes
Installation of PLESK management tool No Yes Yes Yes
Professional e-mail without viruses and spam Yes Yes Yes Yes
Firewall installation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Periodical system updates Yes Yes Yes Yes
SSL encryption and e-commerce support Yes Yes Yes Yes
System optimization works No Yes Yes Yes
Setup of caching architecture (nginx, memcached) No No Yes Yes
Monthly charge € 98.18 € 153.21 € 280.64 € 561.57
Prices are shown excluding VAT.

Discount system 3 months 6 months 12 months
Discount based on payment period -10% -15% -20%

Service plan package includes:

– a powerful server, optimized for larger projects
– preparation and setup of mail server and portal hosting software (PHP / MySQL / FTP)
– installation of software updates
– migration of data to the server
– single optimization of system performance
– consultations by e-mail and phone
– possibility to increase or decrease performance of the server at any time

Frequently asked questions:

Is this service suitable for you?
- We guarantee quality operation of the server your website is hosted on as well as fast and stable operation of the website itself.
- It is the most suitable for websites, portals, and online shops, which have 20,000 and more visitors a month.

What is this service good for?
– Studies have shown that websites, which take more than 4 seconds to load, lose some part of their visitors and, consequently, direct income. In addition, visitors' dissatisfaction and the likelihood that they would not return to the slow website increase.
– We can assume the responsibility and obligations for the functions, which usually are performed by hired webmasters.
– We provide you with a powerful server located at a data centre, make regular backups to a remote data center, monitor the server around the clock, and above all – professionally administer the website itself.

How do we ensure high website performance?
– The solution includes all necessary improvements for optimization of the server, the website and the databases.
– We know that in some cases websites require an individual solution, therefore we collaborate closely with your web developers.
– Our system administrators monitor operation of websites around the clock, hence you can contact the assigned administrator at any time.
– Together with you we will determine performance indicators (for example, web page load time) we will monitor and respond quickly if the indicators exceed the threshold.

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